Right Finger Could Cure Major Ailments

Stimulating The Right Finger Could Cure Major Ailments According To This Ancient Japanese Method

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Everyone wants smart, simple answers when it comes to health. Doctors and hospitals are there to help us when we have major concerns, but sometimes there are small problems that need a different kind of attention. Lucky for us, the traditional healing arts of Japan has an answer that can be used at any time, by anyone. These simple techniques have been practiced for generations and can be used right at home to help address your health concerns quickly and easily.

Activating Your Body

This special technique is called Jin Shin Jitsu. It is known as the finger healing technique. It works by stimulating different points of the fingers in order to activate healing in other parts of the body.

Even better, the effects can be felt in as little as five minutes!

By utilizing Jin Shin Jitsu, you can begin enjoying improved health each and every day; this is a great way to start living a healthier life without investing in a lot of expensive medicine or specialized equipment.

Balancing Your Organs

According to the wisdom behind Jin Shin Jitsu, each finger is connected to two organs. By strategically applying pressure to the right points, you can begin experiencing improved health and better emotional well-being.

Practitioners are familiar with each point and carefully plan their treatment according to which organs require stimulation in order to bring the patient back into a healthy balance.

Mapping Each Finger

Each finger is related to different organs:

  • The Thumb: This finger is stimulated to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, headaches, stomach pain, and skin problems. Its associated organs are the spleen and stomach.
  • Index Finger: If you have problems with backaches, muscle pain, toothaches, or digestion problem, you can stimulate this finger. Stimulation can also relieve confusion, disappointment, and fear. It is associated with the bladder and kidneys.
  • Middle Finger: This important finger is connected to the gallbladder and liver. Stimulating it can bring relief to symptoms such as menstrual cramps, frontal headaches, migraines, and fatigue. You can also stimulate this finger when you are experiencing anger and irritability.
  • Ring Finger: Jin Shin Jitsu holds that this finger is related to emotions such as fear and sadness. Stimulating it will help relieve symptoms such as asthma and skin disorders as well as digestion concerns. It is related to the large intestine and lungs.
  • Pinkie Finger: This finger is connected to the small intestine and the heart. Stimulating it will help relieve emotional problems like general nervousness and worry. You can also gain relief from throat pain, heart disease, and bone problems.

Practicing Jin Shin Jitsu At Home

Once you have determined which organ, physical symptom, or emotional symptom you would like to target, find the finger that corresponds to that concern. Hold the identified finger with your opposite hand and maintain a firm, constant pressure on it for three to five minutes. Breathe deeply throughout.

Finish by massaging all the fingers on both of your hands for another three minutes. You have completed your very first Jin Shin Jitsu session!

Now that you know about the amazing techniques of Jin Shin Jitsu, you can spread the word to others. Show this great article to anyone else who you think might benefit from learning about a simple, powerful at-home healing technique. This is a fun way to put the power to heal yourself back in your hands – literally!

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